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      RS 37:1180     


§1180.  Meetings

A.  The board shall meet at least once every twelve months to transact its business.  The board shall meet as it deems appropriate.  Such additional meetings may be called by the president of the board or by two-thirds of the members of the board.

B.  The board shall meet at such place determined prior to giving notice of such meeting and the place of the meeting shall not be changed after such notice is given without adequate prior notice.

C.  Notice of all meetings of the board shall be given in the manner and pursuant to requirements prescribed by the Administrative Procedure Act.

D.  A simple majority of the members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of a board meeting and, except where a greater number is required by this Chapter or by any rule of the board, all actions of the board shall be approved by a majority of a quorum.

E.  All board meetings and hearings shall be open to the public. The board may, in its discretion and according to law, conduct any portion of its meeting in executive session, closed to the public.

Acts 1999, No. 767, §1.

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