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      RS 37:1224     


§1224.  Compounding and filling of prescriptions; absence of pharmacist

A.  In each pharmacy there shall be a pharmacist on duty at all times.  The filling, compounding, and dispensing of prescriptions, and the making of pharmacy-generated drugs, shall be accomplished in compliance with standards established by the board by rule.  The performance of these activities shall be limited to pharmacists and pharmacy interns, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy technician candidates acting under the supervision of a pharmacist.

B.  If the pharmacist should find it necessary to be temporarily absent, leaving the prescription department unattended either by a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, then the prescription department shall be closed.

C.  The board shall establish criteria for the temporary absence of a pharmacist from the prescription department.

D.  Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, after the pharmacist or pharmacy technician has complied with all duties imposed upon him by law regarding a prescription, a cashier or other clerical person may lawfully deliver the drug or device and collect payment therefor.

E.  A prescription may be filled, compounded, and dispensed at the permitted pharmacy which first received the prescription or at any other permitted pharmacy to which the prescription is properly transferred from the originating pharmacy.  A prescription may be properly transferred through the transfer of prescription information from one pharmacy to another manually or through an electronic transfer using an electronic file updated on a real-time on-line basis and shared by two or more pharmacies.  Electronic transfers of prescriptions shall be permitted regardless of whether or not the pharmacy from which the prescription is transferred is open for business.

F.  Repealed by Acts 2000, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 83, §1.

Acts 1999, No. 269, §1; Acts 1999, No. 767, §§1, 3; Acts 2000, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 83, §1; Acts 2013, No. 168, §1.

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