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      RS 37:1285.1     


§1285.1.  Hearing panels

A.  All adjudicatory functions of the board, including alleged violations of the provisions of this and any other Chapter administered by the board, shall be heard by a quorum of the board.

B.  At the direction of the board, a hearing panel, consisting of one or more board members and totaling less than a quorum, may hear the charges and submit written findings, conclusions and recommendations to the board to consider in arriving at its decision.

C.  Having considered the report of the hearing panel and having reviewed the record of the proceedings, the board may affirm, adopt, modify or reject the findings and recommendations of the hearing panel or it may determine findings and recommendations of its own.

D.  The decision of a majority of a quorum shall be adopted as the final decision of the board.  A member of the board who serves on a hearing panel shall not participate in the board’s deliberations or final decision with respect to the subject matter of such panel, nor shall said member be considered in determining a quorum for a vote on the final decision of the board.

Acts 2003, No. 209, §1, eff. June, 5, 2003.

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