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      RS 37:1360.33     


§1360.33.  Violations

The board may, exercising due process, discipline any physician assistant, as provided in R.S. 37:1360.34, who:

(1)  Fraudulently or deceptively obtains or attempts to obtain a license.

(2)  Fraudulently or deceptively uses a license.

(3)  Violates any provision of this Part or any regulations adopted by the board pertaining to this Part.

(4)  Is convicted of a felony.

(5)  Is a habitual user of intoxicants or drugs to such an extent that he is unable to safely perform as a physician assistant.

(6)  Has been adjudicated as mentally incompetent or has a mental condition that renders him unable to safely perform as a physician assistant.

(7)  Has committed an act of moral turpitude.

(8)  Represents himself as a physician.

Acts 1993, No. 662, §1, eff. June 16, 1993.

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