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      RS 37:1360.34     


§1360.34.  Disciplinary authority

The board, upon finding that a physician assistant has committed any offense described in R.S. 37:1360.33, may:

(1)  Refuse to grant a license.

(2)  Administer a public or private reprimand.

(3)  Revoke, suspend, limit, or otherwise restrict a license.

(4)  Require a physician assistant to submit to the care, counseling, or treatment of a physician or physicians designated by the board.

(5)  Place the physician assistant on probation with the right to vacate the probationary order for noncompliance.

(6)  Restore or reissue, at its discretion, a license and impose any disciplinary or corrective measure.

Acts 1993, No. 662, §1, eff. June 16, 1993.

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