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      RS 37:1360.35     


§1360.35.  Title and practice protection

A.  Any person not licensed under this Part is guilty of a misdemeanor and is subject to penalties applicable to the unlicensed practice of medicine if he:

(1)  Holds himself out as a physician assistant.

(2)  Uses any combination or abbreviation of the term "physician assistant" to indicate that he is a physician assistant.

(3)  Acts as a physician assistant without being licensed by the board.

B.  An unlicensed physician shall not be permitted to use the title of "physician assistant" or to practice as a physician assistant unless he fulfills the requirements of this Part.

C.  Only a physician assistant licensed under this Part who has met the current certification requirements of the National Commission on the Certification of Physicians' Assistants and its successors shall be entitled to use the designation "PA-C" before or after his name or as any title, thereof.

Acts 1993, No. 662, §1, eff. June 16, 1993.

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