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      RS 37:1376     


§1376.  Exceptions

A.  Any journeyman who has not been licensed and does his work in a place not previously under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana State Plumbing Board shall, upon payment of the regular examination fee, be issued a permit to continue the art of plumbing, limited to the area in which he has been previously doing plumbing work.  

B.  When an area, not previously covered by this Act, comes under the jurisdiction of the board, the board will take the following steps to license the journeymen who do work in that area.  

(1)  The board shall notify all plumbers in said area that they now come under the jurisdiction of the board by written advertisement in the local official journal.  This notification shall inform the plumbers of the area that an examination will be given at a time which is not less than thirty days nor more than ninety days from the date of the publication.  

(2)  Any applicant who has practiced the art of plumbing in this area for the past five years and who is unable to meet the requirements for a journeyman license may upon payment of the required fee be issued a permit good until the next examination by the board which will permit him to continue practicing the art of plumbing, but shall limit his practice to the place in which he has been so licensed.  This individual will be required to take each examination given by the board thereafter until he is able to qualify under the board's regulations.  

(3)  Any person who has taken four journeymen plumbers' examinations and still fails to qualify may be issued a qualified license to continue practicing the art of plumbing in the place in which he was issued temporary permits.  

Amended by Acts 1964, No. 498, §1; Acts 1968, No. 298, §1.  

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