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      RS 37:141     



§141.  Policy and definitions

A.  In order to safeguard life, health, and property and to promote the public welfare, the practice of architecture in this state is reserved to those persons who have the proper qualifications and have been registered by the board.

B.  As used in this Chapter:

(1)  "Architect" means a person who is technically and legally qualified to practice architecture.

(2)  "Board" means the State Board of Architectural Examiners.

(3)  The "practice of architecture" is the rendering or offering of the services specified in this Paragraph in connection with the design, construction, enlargement, or alteration of a building, a group of buildings, or the space within and surrounding buildings which have human occupancy or habitation as their principal purpose.  Such services shall include the following: planning; providing preliminary studies, designs, drawings, specifications, and other technical submissions; administration of construction contracts; and the coordination of any element of technical submissions prepared by others, including but not limited to engineers and landscape architects, as appropriate.  The practice of architecture shall not include the practice of engineering as defined in R.S. 37:682; however, a registered architect may perform such engineering work as is incidental to the practice of architecture.

C.  The definition of the practice of architecture set forth in Paragraph B(3) of this Section may include, but shall not be construed as precluding nonlicensed persons from performing the following services: project development; feasibility studies; planning; energy consumption analysis; and interior design.

Amended by Acts 1958, No. 524, §1; Acts 1964, No. 21, §1; Acts 1972, No. 69, §1; Acts 1983, No. 472, §1; Acts 1988, No. 583, §1; Acts 1995, No. 618, §1.

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