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      RS 37:1459     


§1459. Real estate activity; unlicensed persons

            A.(1) In addition to any other civil remedy or civil penalty provided for in this Chapter, the commission may issue a subpoena to any person or persons who the commission has probable cause to believe has engaged in real estate activity without a currently valid license.

            (2) Subpoenas issued by the commission shall comply with the notice requirements of R.S. 49:975. These subpoenas shall be served upon the unlicensed individual personally or by any type of mailing requiring a return receipt and shall include a statement of the manner in which the unlicensed person shall be required to respond to the commission.

            B. The commission may impose a civil penalty of no more than five thousand dollars upon any unlicensed person who, after a hearing or informal resolution in accordance with all provisions of this Chapter and the Administrative Procedure Act, is found to have engaged in real estate activity without the benefit of a currently valid license having been issued by the commission pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter. In addition, the commission may assess costs and attorney fees against the unlicensed person found to have been engaged in real estate activity without a current license.

            C. The fact that any person engages in or performs or offers to engage in or perform any of the practices, acts, or operations constituting "real estate activity" as set forth in R.S. 37:1431 is prima facie evidence that such person is engaged in the illegal practice of real estate.

            D. No person engaged in real estate activity without a currently valid license shall have the right to receive any compensation for services so rendered. In addition to any other penalties imposed under R.S. 37:1455 and 1458, the commission may require that any person engaged in real estate activity without a license return any fees collected for engaging in real estate activity.

            Acts 2003, No. 713, §1; Acts 2006, No. 343, §1.

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