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      RS 37:1463     


§1463.  Payment from the fund

A.(1)  Any claimant who meets all of the conditions prescribed in this Chapter may apply to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission to cause payment to be made to such claimant from the recovery fund, in an amount equal to the unsatisfied portion of the claimant's judgment or twenty thousand dollars, whichever is less, and only to the extent and amount reflected in the judgment as being actual damages.

(2)  The commission shall not make any payment, be liable, cast in judgment, or pay any portion of any claim or judgment representing an award or claim for attorney fees, court costs, damages for physical or mental injury, medical expenses, loss of income or profits, punitive damages, or any other type of damages other than the actual damages suffered by the claimant.

B.  Upon receipt by the claimant of the payment from the recovery fund, the claimant shall assign his additional right, title and interest in the judgment, to the extent of such payment to the commission and thereupon the commission shall be subrogated to the right, title and interest of the claimant; and any amount subsequently recovered on the judgment by the commission, to the extent of the commission's right, title and interest therein, shall be for the purpose of reimbursing the recovery fund.

C.  Payments for claims arising out of the same transaction shall be limited in the aggregate to twenty thousand dollars regardless of the number of claimants or parcels of real estate involved in the transaction.

D.  Payments for claims based upon judgment against any one licensed real estate broker or real estate salesperson shall not exceed in the aggregate fifty thousand dollars.

E.  If at any time the monies in the recovery fund are insufficient to satisfy any valid claim, or portion thereof, the commission shall satisfy such unpaid claim or portion thereof as soon as a sufficient amount of money has been deposited in the fund.

F.  All payments and disbursements from the recovery fund shall be made by the commission upon a voucher signed by the chairman of the commission, or his designee.

G.  Upon payment of any amount from the recovery fund in settlement of a claim in satisfaction of a judgment against a licensed broker or salesperson, the license of such broker or salesperson shall be automatically revoked.  A discharge of bankruptcy shall not relieve a person from the penalties and disabilities provided in this Section.

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