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      RS 37:1466     


§1466. Errors and omissions insurance; mandatory for all licensees

            A. All active licensees licensed in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter are mandated to carry errors and omissions insurance to cover all activities contemplated under this Chapter.

            B. The commission shall make the insurance mandated under this Section available to all licensees by contracting with an insurance provider having a current rating in A.M. Best of A or better for a group policy after competitive, sealed bidding and awarding such contract pursuant to requirements established by the commission. Such issuance and award shall be exempt from the provisions of Chapters 16 and 17 of Title 39 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950.

            C. Any policy obtained by the commission must be available to all licensees with no right on the part of the insurance provider to cancel any licensee.

            D. Licensees shall have the option of obtaining errors and omissions insurance independently, provided that the coverage contained in such policy complies with the minimum requirements established by the commission.

            E. The commission shall determine the terms and conditions of coverage mandated under this Section, including but not limited to the minimum limits of coverage, the permissible deductible, and permissible exemptions.

            F. An active licensee that elects to obtain independent errors and omissions insurance shall file a form verifying that they have independent coverage, as prescribed by the commission, with the annual license renewal.

            G. Active licensees applying for inactive status and those licensees renewing their license while in an inactive status may do so without the required coverage mandated by this Section.

            H. Should the commission be unable to obtain errors and omissions insurance coverage to insure all licensees who chose to participate in the group insurance program at a reasonable cost, not to exceed five hundred dollars for coverage, the insurance requirement mandated by this Section shall be void during the applicable contract year.

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