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      RS 37:1468     


§1468. Psychologically impacted property

           A. The fact or suspicion that a property might be or is psychologically impacted, such impact being the result of facts or suspicions, including but not limited to:

           (1) That an occupant of real property is, or was at any time suspected to be, infected, or has been infected with Human Immuno-deficiency Virus or diagnosed with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or any other disease which has been determined by medical evidence to be highly unlikely to be transmitted through the occupancy of a dwelling place; or

           (2) That the property was, or was at any time suspected to have been, the site of a homicide, or other felony, or a suicide;

is not a material fact or material defect regarding the condition of real estate that must be disclosed in a real estate transaction.

           B. No cause of action shall arise against an owner of real estate or his or her agent for the failure to disclose to the transferee that the transferred property was psychologically impacted as defined in Subsection A.

           Acts 1991, No. 336, §1.

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