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      RS 37:1473     


§1473. Definitions

            As used in this Chapter, the following words shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

            (1) "Applicant" means a person who seeks to be examined for licensure by the board.

            (2) "Board" means the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors.

            (3) "Component" means a readily accessible and observable aspect of a system, such as a floor or wall, but not individual pieces such as boards or nails where many similar pieces make up a component.

            (4) "Home inspection" means a written evaluation of two or more of the following component systems of a resale residential building:

            (a) Electrical system.

            (b) Exterior system.

            (c) Insulation/ventilation system.

            (d) Heating and cooling systems.

            (e) Plumbing system.

            (f) Roofing system.

            (g) Structural system.

            (h) Appliance system.

            (i) Interior system.

            (j) Any other related residential housing system as defined in the standards of practice prescribed by the board.

            (5) "Home inspector" means any person who, in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter, holds himself out as a home inspector to the general public or engages in the business of performing home inspections on resale residential buildings for compensation and who examines any component of a building, through visual means and through normal user controls, without the use of mathematical sciences.

            (6) "Licensee" means any person who has been issued a license by the board in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.

            (7) "Residential resale building" means a structure intended to be or that is used as a residence and consists of four or less living units, excluding commercial use space or units, and is not for sale for the first time.

            (8) "System" means a combination of interactive or interdependent components assembled to carry out one or more functions.

            Acts 1999, No. 61, §2; Acts 2003, No. 568, §1; Acts 2017, No. 328, §1.

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