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      RS 37:1516     


§1516.  Election of officers; duties

A.  At its annual meeting the board shall organize by electing a president, a secretary-treasurer, and such other officers as it may deem necessary, such officers of the board to serve for terms of one year each or until a successor is elected, without limitation on the number of terms an officer may serve.  The president shall serve as chairman of the board and shall preside over all meetings.

B.  The duties of the secretary-treasurer shall include carrying on the correspondence of the board, keeping permanent accounts and records of all receipts and disbursements by the board and of all board proceedings, including the disposition of all applications for license, and keeping a register of all persons currently licensed by the board.  All board records shall be open to public inspection during regular office hours.

C.  At the end of each fiscal year the president and secretary-treasurer shall submit to the governor a report on the transactions of the board, including an account of monies received and disbursed.  

Acts 1966, No. 35, §1, eff. July 1, 1967; Acts 1995, No. 73, §1.

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