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      RS 37:152     


§152.  Use of title "architect"; seal or stamp

A.(1)  The name of the architect followed by the title "architect" shall appear on every publication, announcement, and letterhead used by a person practicing architecture in connection with his practice.  

(2)  Every registered architect shall have a seal or stamp.  This shall contain his name, the words "Registered Architect, State of Louisiana," and the architect's license number.  All contract drawings and specifications issued by the architect for use in this state shall be stamped or sealed.  The removal of an architect's seal or stamp, and/or use of an architect's plans, unless otherwise provided by law or by written approval of the architect, shall be a violation of this Chapter and shall be subject to the penalties delineated in R.S. 37:154(B).  

B.  Except in the cases contemplated by R.S. 38:2317, no architect shall affix his seal or stamp or permit it to be affixed to any specification, drawing, or other related document which was not prepared either by him or under his responsible supervision.  In those cases contemplated by R.S. 38:2317, the design professional reviewing state-owned plans, designs, specifications, or other construction documents shall remove the stamp or seal of the original architect and shall affix his stamp or seal to those documents that he has reviewed and approved for reuse.  The design professional affixing his stamp or seal to documents approved for reuse shall assume all responsibilities for the documents which bear his stamp or seal.  No architect shall use his seal or stamp or do any other act as an architect unless he is at the time duly registered.  

Amended by Acts 1964, No. 21, §1; Acts 1972, No. 69, §1.  Acts 1983, No. 472, §1; Acts 1986, No. 1012, §1.  

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