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      RS 37:1521     


§1521.  Examinations

A.  The board shall hold at least one examination during each year and may hold such additional examinations as it deems necessary.  The executive director shall give public notice of the time and place and deadline for application for such examination at least one hundred and twenty days in advance of the date set for the examination.  Any person desiring to take an examination shall make application by the deadline established and published by the board for each examination date.

B.  The preparation, administration, and grading of examinations shall be governed by rules prescribed by the board.  Examinations shall be designed to test the examinee's knowledge of and proficiency in the subjects and techniques commonly taught in veterinary schools as well as knowledge of this Chapter and any rules promulgated by the board or by other regulatory agencies as required by rules prescribed by the board.  To pass the examination, the examinee must demonstrate scientific, practical, and regulatory knowledge sufficient to prove himself a competent person to practice veterinary medicine in the judgment of the board.  All examinees shall be tested by a written examination supplemented by such oral interviews and practical demonstrations as the board may deem necessary.  The board may design or administer its own examination or it may adopt and use any and all examinations designed for the purpose of determining the fitness of a person to hold a license to practice veterinary medicine.

C.  Within thirty days after each examination the executive director shall notify each examinee of the result of his examination.  After compliance with the provisions of R.S. 37:1520, the board shall issue licenses to the persons successfully completing the examination.  The executive director shall record the new licensees.  Any person failing an examination shall be eligible to take any subsequent examination on payment of the application fee.

Acts 1966, No. 35, §1, eff. July 1, 1967; Acts 1985, No. 316, §1; Acts 1986, No. 856, §1; Acts 1995, No. 73, §1.

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