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      RS 37:1526     


§1526.  Discipline of licensees

A.  Upon written complaint sworn to by any person, the board may, after a hearing held pursuant to R.S. 37:1518(5) and by a concurrence of three members, assess a fine not to exceed the sum of one thousand dollars, revoke or suspend for a specified time the license of or otherwise discipline, any licensed veterinarian for any of the following reasons:

(1)  The employment of fraud, misrepresentation, or deception in obtaining a license.

(2)  Declaration of insanity or incompetency by a court of law.

(3)  Chronic inebriety or habitual use of drugs.

(4)  The use of any advertising or solicitation which is false, misleading, or is otherwise deemed unprofessional under regulations adopted by the board.

(5)  Conviction or cash compromise of a felony, or other public offense involving moral turpitude.

(6)  Incompetence, gross negligence, or other malpractice in the practice of veterinary medicine.

(7)  Having professional association with or employing any person practicing veterinary medicine unlawfully.

(8)  Fraud or dishonesty in the application or reporting of any test for disease in animals.

(9)  Failure to keep veterinary premises and equipment in a clean and sanitary condition.

(10)  Failure to report, as required by law, or making false report of, any contagious or infectious disease.

(11)  Dishonesty or gross negligence in the inspection of foodstuffs or the issuance of health or inspection certificates.

(12)  Cruelty to animals.

(13)  Revocation of a license to practice veterinary medicine by another state, territory, or district of the United States on grounds other than nonpayment of registration fee.

(14)  Unprofessional conduct as defined in regulations adopted by the board.

(15)  Fraud or dishonesty in connection with the practice of veterinary medicine.

B.  In addition to the disciplinary action or fines assessed by the board, the board may assess all costs incurred in connection with the proceedings, including but not limited to investigator, stenographer, and attorney fees and court costs.

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