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      RS 37:1544     


§1544.  Certificate of approval; denial; revocation; suspension

A.  The board may deny, suspend, or revoke the certificate of approval held by any registered veterinary technician when it finds that the provisions of this Chapter or any of the rules and regulations adopted by the board are not being complied with or upon the grounds that the registered veterinary technician is guilty of:

(1)  Soliciting patients for any practitioner of the animal healing arts.

(2)  Soliciting or receiving any form of compensation from any person other than his employer for performing as a registered veterinary technician.  

(3)  Willfully or negligently divulging professional knowledge or discussing a veterinarian's diagnosis or treatment without the express permission of the veterinarian.  

(4)  Any offense that is punishable by incarceration in a state penitentiary or federal prison.  

(5)  The habitual or excessive use of intoxicants or drugs.  

(6)  Fraud or misrepresentation in applying for or procuring a certificate of approval to perform as a registered veterinary technician in this state, or in applying for or procuring an annual registration.  

(7)  Impersonating another person registered as a veterinary technician or allowing any person to use his certificate of approval.  

(8)  Aiding or abetting the practice of veterinary medicine by a person not licensed by the board.  

(9)  Gross negligence in the performance of duties, tasks, or functions assigned to him by a licensed veterinarian.  

(10)  Manifest incapacity or incompetence to perform as a veterinary technician.  

(11)  Conduct resulting in the suspension or revocation by another state of a registration, license, or certification to perform as a veterinary technician, based upon acts by the veterinary technician similar to acts constituting grounds for suspension or revocation in this state.  A certified copy of the record of the suspension or revocation of the state imposing the penalty is conclusive evidence thereof.  

(12)  Conduct unbecoming in a person registered as a veterinary technician or detrimental to the best interests of the public.  

B.  In cases of failure to pay the required fees, denial shall be automatic.  Any denial, suspension, or revocation shall be subject to review pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter.  

Acts 1986, No. 887, §1.  

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