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      RS 37:361     


§361.  Qualifications of college; entrance requirements and curriculum; sign

A.  The board shall not approve any barber college unless it requires as a prerequisite to admission graduation from high school or its equivalent thereof in education as determined by an examination conducted by the board and approved by the vocational education office of the State Department of Education and unless it requires as a prerequisite to graduation a course or instruction of not less than fifteen hundred hours completed within nine months, with no more than eight hours to any one working day, subject to the board's authority to determine by regulation the days and hours of school within these limits.  

B.  The course of instruction shall include the following subjects:

(1)  Scientific fundamentals of barbering, hygiene, and bacteriology;

(2)  History of the hair, skin, muscles, and nerves;

(3)  Structure of the head, face, and neck;

(4)  Elementary chemistry as it relates to sterilization and asepsis;

(5)  Diseases of the skin and hair glands;

(6)  The massaging and manipulating of the muscles of the body above the seventh cervical vertebra;

(7)  Hair cutting and shaving; and

(8)  The arranging, dressing, coloring, bleaching, and tinting of the hair.  

C.  Every barber college shall maintain a sign in front of its premises reading "Barber College Only".  

Acts 1964, No. 309, §1.  Acts 1984, No. 238, §1.  

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