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      RS 37:376     


§376.  Barber Examiners Board Fund

The secretary shall deposit all fees collected under the provisions of this Chapter into the state treasury on or before the twenty-fifth day of the month following their collection and, in accordance with Article VII, Section 9 of the Constitution of Louisiana, the fees shall be credited to the Bond Security and Redemption Fund.  After a sufficient amount is allocated therefrom to pay all obligations secured by the full faith and credit of the state which become due and payable within each fiscal year, the treasurer shall pay an amount equal to the total amount of such fees paid into the treasury into a special fund which is hereby created in the state treasury and designated as the Barber Examiners Board Fund.  In addition, all other money made available for use as provided in this Chapter shall be credited to this fund.  

Acts 1964, No. 309, §1.  Amended by Acts 1976, No. 424, §10; Acts 1984, No. 238, §1.  

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