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      RS 37:380     


§380.  Rules of operation of shops and schools

The following requirements of operation shall be observed:

(1)  Water.  All barber shops, schools, or colleges shall be supplied with an adequate potable supply of both hot and cold running water.  Water shall be supplied by the city system; if there is no city supply, water shall be supplied from a tank or similar gravity pressure container.  

(2)  Flow of blood.  Alum or any other material used to stop the flow of blood shall be used only in liquid or powdered form.  The use of the common styptic pencil and lump alum is prohibited.  

(3)  Headrest.  The headrest of every barber chair shall be protected with fresh clean paper before it is used for any person.  

(4)  Shop conditions.  The floor and walls of all barber shops and schools shall be kept clean.  Hair shall be swept from the floor.  All towels and paper jars shall be kept clean and sanitary.  All barber shops shall be well-screened and supplied with sanitary drinking facilities.  

(5)  Instruments.  All tools and instruments such as razors, tweezers, contact cup, or pad of vibrating or massage machine, combs and shears, or other tools or instruments used in a barber shop, school, or college shall be sterilized and shall be kept in a sanitary cabinet with a solution approved by the state health officer.  

(a)  All clippers, both hand and electric, shall be sterilized and kept thoroughly clean at all times.  

(b)  Hair brushes in barber shops are prohibited except those with perforated backs used in giving shampoos, and these shall be kept clean and sanitary and in sanitary cabinets at all times when not in use.  

(c)  If a neck duster is used in the barber shop, each barber shall have two or more neck dusters that shall be sterilized each day in a solution approved by the state health officer.  They shall at all times be kept clean and sanitary and in the cabinet sterilizer when not in use.  Sterilization shall be accomplished after each use and before the tool or instrument is reused except where otherwise provided.  

(6)  Dipping.  Dipping towels, shaving mugs, and other objects as determined by the board into water containers is prohibited.  

(7)  Towels.  No towel that has been used on a patron shall be used on another patron until it has been laundered.  This shall apply to every kind of towel or washcloth.  Whenever haircloth is used in cutting the hair, shampooing, or other barbering, a newly laundered towel or other protection shall be placed around the neck so as to prevent the haircloth from touching the skin.  

(8)  Disinfecting.  Before serving each customer, each barber shall disinfect his hands thoroughly by immersing them in a disinfecting solution approved by the state health officer.  

(9)  Sterilization.  All tools or instruments used in a barber shop, school, or college shall be sterilized by immersion in any recognized disinfecting solution such as five percent solution of carbolic acid, ten percent solution of creosol or by being immersed in a disinfecting solution and then placed in an air-tight sterilized cabinet in which there is a tray filled with a fume disinfectant that penetrates and sterilizes.  

Acts 1964, No. 309, §1.  Acts 1984, No. 238, §1.  

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