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      RS 37:382     


§382.  Rules and orders; posting and service

A.  Rules and regulations or orders of the board of general application shall be posted for public inspection in the main office of the board and a certified copy filed in the office of the secretary of the board.

B.  An order applying only to persons named therein shall be served on the persons affected by personal delivery of a certified copy or by mailing a certified copy in a sealed envelope with postage prepaid to each person affected thereby or in the case of a corporation to any officer or agent of the corporation upon whom a summons may be served in accordance with law.  

C.  The posting in the main office of the board of any rule or order not required to be served and the filing in the office of the secretary of the board constitutes due and sufficient notice to all persons affected by the rule or order.  The rule of the board when duly posted and filed as provided in this Section shall have binding force and effect.  

Acts 1964, No. 309, §1.  Acts 1984, No. 238, §1.  

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