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      RS 37:389.1     


§389.1.  Injunction; penalty; attorney fees; costs

A.  The board, through its president, on motion in any court of competent jurisdiction, may cause to issue an injunction to enjoin any person from practicing barbering without a certificate of registration or violating any other provision of this Chapter.

B.  In the suit for an injunction, the board, through its president, may demand and the court may assess, in addition to the injunction, a penalty of not more than eight hundred dollars, reasonable attorney fees, and costs of court.  The judgment for penalty, attorney fees, and costs may be rendered in the same judgment in which the injunction is made permanent, and shall be payable to the board.  However, if such injunction is not made absolute, the board shall be liable to the defendant for the payment of his attorney fees and court costs.

C.  The trial of this proceeding shall be summary, with preference over ordinary proceedings, and tried by the judge without a jury.

D.  A violation of the injunction shall be considered as contempt of court and punished accordingly.

Acts 1995, No. 226, §1, eff. July 1, 1995.

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