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      RS 37:572     


§572.  Qualifications of board members; recusal from certain transactions

A.  Each member of the board shall be a duly qualified registered voter of this state and shall have been domiciled in the state for at least twelve consecutive months prior to appointment.

B.  Each member shall be a registered cosmetologist who has been actively engaged, for at least five years prior to his appointment, in the practice of cosmetology, or an owner of a beauty shop or salon certified pursuant to R.S. 37:591, or as a teacher or instructor of cosmetology in this state.

C.  The board members shall not all be graduates of the same school.

D.  No more than four board members shall be connected directly or indirectly with a school of cosmetology.  "Connected" shall mean having an ownership interest, being employed by or having a contract with a school, or having an immediate family member who has an ownership interest in a school.

E.  Any board member, who in the discharge of a duty or responsibility of his office or position would be required to vote on a matter which would cause him to be in violation of the Code of Governmental Ethics, shall recuse himself from voting.

Acts 2001, No. 907, §2, eff. June 26, 2001; Acts 2010, No. 728, §1.

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