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      RS 37:576     


§576.  Executive director

A.  The board shall be authorized to employ an executive director, who shall be an unclassified employee of the state and whose duties shall include the following:

(1)  The supervision of all inspectors and the examination team.

(2)  The employment and supervision of all employees of the board.

(3)  The performance of all administrative duties of the board.

(4)  The preparation and submission of monthly detailed reports of activities to the board for review.

(5)  The maintenance of a record of all proceedings of the board.  Records relating to the issuance, refusal, renewal, suspension, and revocation of certificates of registration shall contain the name, place of business, and residence of each cosmetologist and the date and number of his certificate of registration.

(6)  The performance of  inspections when necessary.

(7)  The performance of such other duties as prescribed by the board or as necessary for the proper administration of this Chapter.

B.  The annual salary of the executive director shall be set by the board and shall not exceed seventy-five thousand dollars.  The executive director may be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in carrying out his duties, with approval of the board and in accordance with state travel regulations.

Acts 2001, No. 907, §2, eff. June 26, 2001; Acts 2010, No. 728, §1.

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