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      RS 37:596     


§596.  Satellite classrooms; school of cosmetology; guidelines

A.  Any topic relating to the practice of cosmetology may be taught at a satellite classroom provided that the following conditions exist:

(1)  No clinic shall be operated at a satellite classroom.

(2)  No beauty service or cosmetology skills learned by a student shall be performed for the public or on paying clients at the satellite classroom.

(3)  No student shall attend class at a satellite classroom facility unless a registered instructor is on the premises.

B.  The satellite classroom facility shall:

(1)  Bear the same name as the main school.

(2)  Operate under the same license obtained by the main school.

(3)  Not be located within three hundred feet of any other registered school of cosmetology.

(4)  Have at least four hundred square feet of floor space.

C.  Equipment located in the satellite classroom shall be limited to practical or theory instruction only.  This instruction shall require a minimum amount of equipment and electrical outlets and an adequate ventilation system as determined by the board.

D.  The following information shall be supplied to the board prior to opening a satellite classroom:

(1)  A detailed floor plan of the proposed classroom, drawn to scale.

(2)  Approval from the local fire safety inspector indicating that fire safety requirements have been met.

Acts 2001, No. 907, §2, eff. June 26, 2001.

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