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      RS 37:606     


§606.  Unlicensed persons; cease and desist orders; injunctive relief

A.  The board shall have jurisdiction over all uncertified and unpermitted persons and facilities relative to the enforcement of the provisions of this Chapter.

B.  In addition to the administrative penalties provided for in this Chapter, the board acting through its executive director may issue an order to any person or facility engaged in any activity, conduct, or practice constituting cosmetology directing such person or facility to cease and desist from such activity, conduct, or practice.

C.  If the person or entity to whom the board directs a cease and desist order does not cease and desist the prohibited activity, conduct, or practice within two days of receipt of such order by certified mail or hand delivery, the executive director may seek a writ of injunction in any court of competent jurisdiction and proper venue enjoining such person from engaging in the activity, conduct, or practice.  The injunction shall not be subject to being released upon bond.

D.  In the suit for an injunction, the board may demand of the defendant a penalty of not more than five thousand dollars, as well as reasonable attorney fees and court costs.  The judgment for penalty, attorney fees, and costs may be rendered in the same judgment as the injunction.

E.  Barbers or facilities licensed by the Louisiana Board of Barber Examiners shall not be prohibited from performing any work authorized by Chapter 5 of this Title, or any rules or regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

Acts 2001, No. 907, §2, eff. June 26, 2001.

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