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      RS 37:690     


§690.  Receipts and disbursements

A.  The treasurer or the executive director of the board, or any other person or persons authorized by the board, shall receive, disburse, and account for all monies paid to or received by the board.  He shall institute a system of books and financial records satisfactory to the supervisor of public accounts, who shall audit them annually.  He shall open an account in a bank designated by the board as its official depository in the city wherein the board is domiciled.  All checks disbursing funds of the board must be signed by any two of the following persons:  the executive director, the deputy executive director, the treasurer, or any member of the board as directed by the board.  All disbursements of funds shall be approved by the board.  All funds of the board shall be deposited within seventy-two hours after receipt.

B.  The board may employ such investigators, clerical, or other assistants as are necessary for the proper performance of its work, and may make expenditures from its funds for any purpose which, in the opinion of the board, is reasonably necessary for the proper performance of its duties under this Chapter, including the expenses of the board's delegates to conventions and meetings of, and membership dues to, the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.  The board may, if it deems necessary, or upon advice of the attorney general, hire counsel and investigators and pay traveling expenses thereof for the investigation and prosecution of any disciplinary or enforcement proceeding under this Chapter.

C.  The board may, at its discretion, pay any witness subpoenaed to appear before the board an amount set by the board, but not to exceed one hundred dollars per diem, when actually in attendance, including time spent in traveling, not to exceed one day to and one day from the location of the board meeting, and in addition, the board may reimburse any witness for actual traveling expenses when furnished with proof of such expenses, including hotel when a witness resides in a parish other than the one in which the board is meeting.

D.  Under no circumstances shall the total amount of warrants issued by the board in payment of the expenses and compensation provided for in this Chapter exceed the amount of the income, funds, and fees collected by the board.

E. All funds derived from fines as provided by R.S. 37:698 and 700 shall be deposited in the state general fund.

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