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      RS 37:772     


§772.  Anesthetics and prescriptions; patient histories and examinations

A.(1)  A licensed dentist may administer general and local anesthetics and prescribe drugs or medicines necessary or proper in the practice of his profession.  

(2)  A licensed druggist of this state may fill prescriptions of a licensed dentist of this state for any drug necessary to the practice of dentistry.  

B.(1)  A licensed dentist may perform a patient history and examination in a hospital, provided that he has completed a physical evaluation program or course curriculum in an accredited medical or dental school teaching institution, is qualified as a board eligible or board certified oral or maxillofacial surgeon, and his credentials have been approved by the hospital medical staff and he has been approved by the hospital board to perform such procedures.  All such patient histories and examinations shall be directly related or incident to any dentistry or oral or maxillofacial surgery procedures.  

(2)  Patients with known medical problems on admission or arising during hospitalization shall have appropriate medical consultation.  

Acts 1985, No. 743, §1.  

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