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      RS 37:79     


§79. Enforcement against holders of certificates, permits, and privileges

            A. After notice and a hearing as provided for in R.S. 37:81, the board may revoke any certificate, permit, or privileges granted pursuant to the provisions of R.S. 37:94, or suspend for a period of not more than five years or refuse to issue or renew any certificate or permit, or reprimand, censure, or limit the scope of practice of any licensee or individual granted privileges as provided by R.S. 37:94, or impose an administrative fine not to exceed two thousand dollars per violation, or place any licensee or individual granted privileges as provided by R.S. 37:94 on probation, all with or without terms, conditions, and limitations, for any one or more of the following reasons:

            (1) Fraud, perjury, or deceit in obtaining or in renewing a certificate, permit, or privilege.

            (2) Cancellation, revocation, suspension, or refusal to issue or renew a certificate, license, or privileges for disciplinary reasons in any other state for any cause, including other restrictions imposed by such licensing authority.

            (3) Revocation or suspension of, or a voluntary consent decree concerning, the right to practice before any state or federal agency or the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

            (4) Dishonesty, fraud, or gross negligence in the performance of services while holding a certificate, license, privilege, or in the filing or failure to file that individual's own income tax returns.

            (5) Violation of any provision of this Part or rule adopted by the board in accordance with the provisions of this Part or violation of professional standards or rules of professional conduct adopted by the board.

            (6) Entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere or conviction of a felony, or of any crime an element of which is dishonesty or fraud, under the laws of the United States, this state, or any other state.

            (7) Performance of any fraudulent act while holding a certificate, permit, or privilege.

            (8) Conduct reflecting adversely upon the licensee's or privilege holder's fitness to perform services while a licensee.

            (9) Making a false or misleading statement or verification in support of an application for a certificate, permit, or privilege filed by another person.

            (10) Providing false testimony before the board.

            (11) Engaging in efforts to deceive or defraud the public.

            (12) Professional incompetency.

            (13) Rendering, submitting, subscribing, or verifying false, deceptive, misleading, or unfounded opinions, reports, or audits.

            B. In lieu of or in addition to any remedy provided for in Subsection A of this Section, the board may require a licensee or privilege holder to:

            (1) Undergo a peer review conducted under such terms as the board may specify.

            (2) Satisfactorily complete such continuing professional education programs as the board may specify.

            (3) Pay all costs of board proceedings, including but not limited to investigation fees, stenographer fees, witness fees or reimbursements, and attorney fees involved in the imposition of a remedy pursuant to this Section.

            (4) Comply with any other requirement or action the board may deem appropriate.

            (5) Subject its work product to pre-issuance review by a licensee acceptable to the board.

            C.(1) If a person or firm against whom costs, fees, or a fine are imposed by the board fails to pay in full within thirty days of the effective date of the order imposing such costs, fees, or fines or on or before a later date as the board may specify, the board may enforce its order by bringing an action in a court of competent jurisdiction and proper venue as to such person or firm.

            (2) The proceeding shall be summarily tried by the judge without a jury, and the court may receive evidence by form of affidavit. Upon proof that the respondent has failed to pay timely all costs, fees, or fines imposed by the board, the court shall enter judgment in favor of the board. The court shall order the respondent to pay the board, within a reasonable time fixed by the court, the costs, fees, and fines imposed by the board, the costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred by the board in bringing the action, plus a civil penalty of not less than five hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars as may be determined by the court. The failure of a respondent to comply with the order of the court shall constitute and be punishable as contempt of court for which the board may seek relief in accordance with law.

            D.(1) In addition to or in lieu of the criminal penalties and administrative sanctions provided in this Part, the board may issue an order to any person or firm engaged in any activity, conduct, or practice constituting a violation of any provision of this Part, directing such person or firm to cease and desist from such activity, conduct, or practice. Such order shall be issued in the name of the state under the official seal of the board.

            (2) If the person or firm to whom the board directs a cease and desist order does not cease and desist the proscribed activity, conduct, or practice within ten days from service of such cease and desist order by certified mail, the board may cause to issue, in any court of competent jurisdiction and proper venue, a writ of injunction enjoining such person or firm from engaging in any such activity, conduct, or practice as provided for in this Part.

            (3) Upon a proper showing by the board that such person or firm has engaged or is engaging in any such activity, conduct, or practice as provided for in this Part, the court shall issue a temporary restraining order restraining the person or firm from engaging in unlawful activity, conduct, or practices pending the hearing on a preliminary injunction, and in due course a permanent injunction shall issue after hearing, commanding the cessation of the unlawful activity, conduct, or practice complained of, all without the necessity of the board having to give bond as usually required in such cases. A temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, or permanent injunction issued thereunder shall not be subject to being released upon bond.

            (4) In the suit for an injunction, the board may demand of the defendant a penalty of not more than five hundred dollars and attorney fees and court costs. A judgment for the penalty, attorney fees, and costs may be rendered in the same judgment in which the injunction is made absolute.

            (5) The proceeding for injunction shall be tried summarily by the judge without a jury.

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