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      RS 37:80     


§80.  Investigations

A.  The board may, upon receipt of a complaint or other information suggesting violations of this Part or of the rules adopted by the board pursuant to this Part, conduct investigations to determine whether there is probable cause to institute proceedings against any person or firm for such violation.  An investigation shall not be a prerequisite to such proceedings in the event that a determination of probable cause can be made without investigation.

B.  The board may issue subpoenas to compel witnesses to testify or produce evidence in aid of such investigations.

C.  The board may review the publicly available information or professional work of certificate, license, or privilege holders on a general and random basis without any requirement of a formal complaint or suspicion of impropriety on the part of any particular certificate, license, or privilege holder.  In the event that as a result of such review the board discovers reasonable grounds for a more specific investigation, the board may proceed as provided in this Section.

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