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      RS 37:847     


§847.  Hearings; subpoenas

A.  A quorum of the board or a committee of the board may take testimony concerning matters under its jurisdiction.  The board, through its presiding officer, may issue subpoenas to enforce the attendance of witnesses, and administer oaths to witnesses.  

B.  The board may hold an informal meeting to ascertain facts of an alleged violation of any provision of this Part.  The board may appoint one or more of its members who shall investigate the alleged violation and report their findings to the board.  The board may compel the appearance of parties to the alleged violation or witnesses to the alleged violation.  The board may, by majority vote, dismiss the complaint or call for a formal hearing.  

C.  If a formal hearing is called, parties to the alleged violation and complaint shall be present either voluntarily or by subpoena.  A proper legal record of the hearing shall be required in a manner legally accepted in judicial proceedings.  After hearing and reviewing the evidence presented, the board, within a reasonable time, shall render a decision and issue its decision and orders to all parties.  

Acts 1983, No. 454, §1

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