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      RS 37:978     


§978.  Violations; penalties

A.  No person shall engage in any of the following activities:

(1)  Steal or fraudulently obtain or furnish any nursing diploma, license, or record, or aid or abet therein.  

(2)  Practice as a practical nurse under cover of any diploma, license, or record illegally or fraudulently obtained or signed, or issued unlawfully or under fraudulent representation.  

(3)  Practice practical nursing unless duly licensed to do so under the provisions of this Part.  

(4)  Use in connection with his name any designation tending to imply that he is a practical nurse, unless licensed to practice under the provisions of this Part.  

(5)  Practice practical nursing during the time his license has lapsed because of his intentional failure to renew the license.  

(6)  Conduct a school of practical nursing, or a school or course for the training of practical nurses, unless the school or course has been accredited by the board.  

(7)  Aid or abet anyone in the violation of this Part.  

(8)  Violate any provisions of this Part.  

B.  Whoever violates this Section shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.  If a person licensed to practice practical nursing is found guilty of any of the offenses in this Section, the board may suspend or revoke the license of the practical nurse.  

Amended by Acts 1976, No. 432, §2.  Acts 1986, No. 486, §1.

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