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      RS 37:979     


§979.  Exemptions

The provisions of this Part shall not apply to:

(1)  The nursing by friends or members of the family; or

(2)  The incidental care of the sick by domestic servants or persons primarily employed as housekeepers or otherwise as long as they do not practice as practical nurses; or

(3)  The giving of practical nursing assistance in the case of emergency; or

(4)  Practical nursing by students enrolled in accredited schools of practical nursing by students in training in clinics and hospitals, where nursing is part of the prescribed courses for the students; or

(5)  Service by auxiliary workers in hospitals or institutions if the service is supervised by a licensed physician; or

(6)  The practice of Christian Science or religious rules or ceremonies as a form of religious worship, devotion or healing if the person administering or making use of, or assisting or prescribing, relies on faith and prayer alone, and does not prescribe or administer drugs or medicine, or assist in surgical or physical operations, assume the title of, or hold himself out to be a practical nurse.  

Amended by Acts 1954, No. 315, §4.  

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