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      RS 40:1493     


§1493.  Notice of intention to create, enlarge, or redistrict; resolution

A.  No fire protection district shall be created, enlarged, or redistricted under this Part until the notice prescribed in this Section has been given.  

B.  Notice of intention to create, enlarge, or redistrict a fire protection district shall be ordered by resolution of the governing authority of each parish to be included in the proposed district and concurred in by the governing authority of any municipality or municipalities to be included in the district.  The resolution shall state the boundaries proposed for the contemplated fire protection district.  The notice shall state that the parish governing authority ordering its publication will, in open session, on a date and at an hour and place named, proceed to create the proposed district.  

C.  This notice shall be published once a week for two successive weeks, the first publication being not less than fifteen days before the date fixed for the hearing, in a newspaper having general circulation in the parish.  

Amended by Acts 1975, No. 17, §1; Acts 1976, No. 267, §1; Acts 1981, No. 116, §1.  

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