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      RS 40:1494     


§1494.  Hearing; objections; resolution fixing boundaries; publication of notice

At the place and time specified in the notice provided for in R.S. 40:1493, the governing authority of the parish shall hear all objections which may be interposed to the boundaries of the district and to the inclusion of the property proposed to be included in the district.  It may adjourn the meeting from time to time.  At this hearing the parish governing authority may change the boundaries of the proposed district by excluding therefrom the lands of persons objecting or by including therein the lands of persons petitioning to be included therein.  After disposing of all objections, the parish governing authority, if it approves the creation of such district, shall adopt a resolution fixing the boundaries of the territory within the parish to be included in such district.  However, as provided in R.S. 40:1492, the governing authority of any municipal corporation which is included in the district must, by resolution adopted after the boundaries of the territory of the parish to be included in the district are fixed, concur in the fixing of the boundaries before the action of the parish governing authority becomes final.  The decision of the parish governing authority, concurred in by any municipality as provided, is final and conclusive as regards that parish.  Notice of the formation of the district shall be given immediately by one publication in any newspaper in which the original notice of hearing was published.  

Amended by Acts 1975, No. 17, §1; Acts 1976, No. 267, §1; Acts 1981, No. 116, §1.  

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