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      RS 40:31.22     


§31.22.  Admission; general provisions

A.  The director of an inpatient facility for the treatment of active tuberculosis, subject to the availability of suitable accommodations, shall receive the following persons for care and treatment:

(1)  A person whose admission is authorized under the procedures set forth in R.S. 40:4 et seq., and the provisions of this Part.

(2)  A person who is ordered to be admitted by the state health officer or his designee.

B.  The failure by any director of an inpatient treatment facility to obey an order or judgment by a court of competent jurisdiction shall not be construed as contempt of court if the director shows that the failure to obey is due to the inability to comply with the order or judgment because medically suitable accommodations for the patient are unavailable or because consent of the state health officer or his designee has not been obtained.

C.  A person admitted to a facility for the treatment of active tuberculosis shall be informed in writing at the time of admission of the procedures for requesting release from the treatment facility, the availability of counsel, and the rules and regulations applicable to or concerning his conduct while a patient in the treatment facility.  If the person is illiterate or otherwise does not read or understand English, appropriate provisions shall be made to supply him with the required information.  A copy of the information required by this Subsection also shall be posted in any area where a person is confined or treated.

D.  A person confined to a treatment facility for active tuberculosis may receive medication and treatment without his consent.

E.(1)  When a person arrives at the inpatient facility for treatment of tuberculosis pursuant to R.S. 40:31.24, the facility shall triage the patient and shall determine whether the patient is in need of medical stabilization for conditions other than infectious tuberculosis.

(2)  If it is determined that medical stabilization is needed, the patient may be temporarily transferred to a general hospital for appropriate stabilization of the other medical conditions.

(3)  Any such temporary transfer to a general hospital shall not be deemed to affect the patient's status at the facility for the treatment of tuberculosis, and the provisions of R.S. 40:31.23 shall continue to apply while the patient is temporarily housed in the general hospital for medical stabilization purposes.  The patient shall be returned to the facility for the treatment of tuberculosis in time for the procedures specified in R.S. 40:31.25.

Acts 1995, No. 373, §1, eff. June 16, 1995; Acts 1997, No. 969, §1, eff. July 10, 1997.

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