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      RS 40:31.42     


§31.42. Definitions

           As used in this Part, the following definitions shall apply unless the content clearly states otherwise:

           (1) "Advisory board" means the advisory board of the birth defects surveillance system.

           (2) "Birth defect" means an abnormality of structure, function, or metabolism that develops during prenatal, perinatal, or early postnatal life that is diagnosed before a child reaches three years of age.

           (3) "Department" means the Louisiana Department of Health.

           (4) "Office" means the office of public health within the Louisiana Department of Health.

           (5) "Reporting source" means any physician, nurse, allied health professional, hospital, laboratory, and any other facility or agent which directly or indirectly provides medical services or other health care to a child affected by a birth defect.

           (6) "Secretary" means the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health.

           (7) "Surveillance system" means the process that is used to collect data about children with birth defects.

           Acts 2001, No. 194, §1.

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