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      RS 40:398     


§398.  Concurrent jurisdiction

A.  Whether due to changes in the boundaries of municipalities or parishes which have established local housing authorities, or the establishment of new local housing authorities, or for any other reason, territories may exist that include the area of operation of two or more local housing authorities.  Such areas shall be areas of concurrent jurisdiction.

B.  No local housing authority whose area of operation shall include an area of concurrent jurisdiction shall construct, acquire, or develop any new housing development within the area of concurrent jurisdiction except upon sixty days prior written notice to all other local housing authorities existing within the area of concurrent jurisdiction.  The notice shall specify the location, size, and general nature of the proposed new development.  Any local housing authority receiving the notice shall have thirty days to send written objections thereto to the local housing authority sending the notice and proposing said new development.

C.  If written objections are timely made, the local housing authority proposing the new development shall not proceed unless and until both authorities shall have made a good faith effort to resolve their differences and, failing such resolution, the proposing local housing authority shall submit the matter to the governing body of the municipality or parish in which said proposed new development is planned to be located.  The governing body, after allowing both local housing authorities to be heard, shall decide whether said new development shall be constructed, acquired, or developed by the local housing authority proposing such action.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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