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      RS 40:4.10     


§4.10. Public notice of infectious medical waste storage by landowner

            A.(1) If a landowner, lessees, and occupants have actual or constructive knowledge that his property has been, or is being used, for the storage of infectious medical waste, as is defined by R.S. 40:4(A)(2)(b), or has been identified by the department as a storage facility for infectious medical waste, the landowner, lessees, and occupants shall cause notice of the location of the storage facility to be recorded in the conveyance records of the parish in which the property is located.

            (2) Such notice shall be made in a form approved by the state health officer and within the time specified by the state health officer. If a landowner, lessees, and occupants fail or refuse to record such notice, the state health officer may, if he determines that the public interest requires, and after due notice and an opportunity for a hearing with the division of administrative law has been given to the landowner, lessees, and occupants, cause such notice to be recorded at the cost of the landowner, lessee, or occupant.

            (3) The clerk of court of the parish in which the property is located shall forward to the Louisiana Department of Health, office of public health, center for environmental health services, the Department of Environmental Quality, the local fire department, the municipal police department, and the local sheriff a copy of each notice recorded by a landowner, lessees, and occupants in accordance with this Subsection.

            B.(1) If any person wishes to remove such notice, he shall notify the state health officer prior to requesting the removal by the clerk of court in the parish where the property is located. The request shall specify the facts supporting removal of the notice, including any evidence that the waste no longer poses a potential threat to the public health. Upon finding that the infectious medical waste is no longer present and no longer poses a potential threat to public health, the state health officer shall approve removal of the notice.

            (2)(a) If approval is granted by the state health officer, the request may be made by affidavit to the clerk of court for the removal of the notice, and it shall be removed. Within ten days after removal, the clerk of court shall send a notice of the removal to the state health officer.

            (b) If the state health officer objects to the removal of such notice, or fails to make a final determination upon the request within ninety days, the person desiring to have the notice removed may petition the division of administrative law for removal of the notice and after a contradictory hearing between the landowner, lessee, or occupant, the clerk of court, and the state health officer or his designee, the administrative law judge may grant such relief upon adequate proof by the petitioner that the property no longer contains the infectious medical waste which posed a threat to health or to the environment.

            C. This Section shall not apply to the following:

            (1) Infectious medical waste generated at a residence by individuals.

            (2) Small healthcare and medical facilities, being defined as those facilities generating in any given month, or cumulatively stored in any given month, infectious medical waste meeting both of the following criteria:

            (a) Less than twenty-five kilograms (fifty-five pounds), not including sharps.

            (b) Less than five kilograms (eleven pounds) of sharps.

            (3) An office at a particular location operated by a licensed, registered, or certified healthcare provider actively engaged in the practice of his profession whose office prominently displays to the public such practice of healthcare profession.

            (4) A "pharmacy" as defined in R.S. 37:1164.

            (5) A "hospital" as defined in R.S. 40:2102.

            (6) A medical facility located at a commercial or industrial site used primarily to administer medical services to site personnel.

            (7) Postsecondary educational institutions, including but not limited to schools of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary science, nursing, and allied health professions and any related clinical and research programs.

            D. The failure of a landowner, lessees, or occupants to file the required notice under this Section may subject him to a fine, payable to the department, of not less than fifty dollars per day and not more than five hundred dollars per day and not to exceed ten thousand dollars per violation per calendar year.

            E. Nothing in this Section shall be deemed to derogate or detract in any way from the functions, powers, or duties prescribed by law of any other department of this state.

            Acts 2002, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 14, §1, eff. April 18, 2002; Acts 2018, No. 206, §4.

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