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      RS 40:4.8     


§4.8. Voluntary sanitary inspections of food booths

           A.(1) The Louisiana Department of Health shall inspect and may permit food booths at recognized Louisiana fairs and festivals for compliance with the special event food and beverage preparation regulations upon written request and signed agreement from the officials or organizations operating or directing such fairs or festivals. Such inspections shall be voluntary on the part of the officials or organizers of the fairs and festivals. The department shall exercise the enforcement powers authorized by the state's sanitary code when complying with a request and agreement executed in accordance with this Section.

           (2) The department may establish and charge reasonable fees for such inspections consistent with current administrative regulations. Such fee shall not exceed twenty-five dollars per fair or festival.

           B. Neither the department nor the state shall be liable for a failure to inspect any fair or festival when the officials or organizations operating or directing such fair or festival fail to make a written request and execute a signed agreement for such inspection pursuant to this Section.

           Acts 1988, No. 644, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1989.

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