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      RS 40:412     


§412.  Area of operation

A.  In the case of a regional housing authority, the authority's area of operation shall be an area equivalent to the total areas of operation which the local housing authorities, if created separately by political subdivisions establishing the regional housing authority, would have, when aggregated.  The area of operation of a regional housing authority shall not include any area which lies within the territorial boundaries of any municipality or parish in which a local housing authority has been established and which municipality or parish is not a participant in said regional authority.  However, the local housing authority of the municipality or parish and the governing body of the municipality or parish may consent to the operation of one or more developments by said regional housing authority within the municipality's or parish's territorial boundaries.

B.  In the case of a consolidated housing authority, the authority's area of operation consists of all of the territory within the boundaries of each municipality joining in its creation together with the territory within one mile of the boundaries of each municipality.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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