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      RS 40:414     


§414.  Effect on local authorities of adoption of consolidated or regional authorities

In the event that a municipality or parish that has an established local housing authority elects to participate in a regional housing authority, pursuant to R.S. 40:411, or a consolidated housing authority, pursuant to R.S. 40:413, it shall obtain the consent of the local housing authority.  In the event of such consent, any such existing housing authority which embraces the municipality or parish within its area of operation may elect to cease to exist therein, except for the purpose of winding up its affairs and transferring its property to the consolidated or regional housing authority, as provided in R.S. 40:419.  In the event that any such housing authority elects to continue in existence, then in such event, the jurisdiction of such regional or consolidated housing authority shall be exercised concurrently with that of the local housing authority within its area of operation.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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