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      RS 40:42     


§42.  Evidentiary character of certificates

A.  Except for delayed or altered certificates, every original certificate on file in the vital records registry is prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated.  The names of parents as entered on birth and death records shall not be deemed to be prima facie evidence of the existence of a marriage between the said parents.  

B.  Certified copies of original certificates shall be admitted as evidence under the same conditions as the original certificate.  Upon service of a subpoena at least seven days in advance of the return date, the state registrar shall forward a certified copy of the subpoenaed document, by certified mail, to the clerk of court or other lawful authority who issued the subpoena.  A personal return with the original document shall not be required unless the court or other lawful authority, for good cause shown, orders the production of the original by a personal return by the state registrar or his designee.  

Acts 1979, No. 776, §1.  Amended by Acts 1981, No. 657, §1; Acts 1986, No. 876, §1; Acts 1986, No. 621, §2; Acts 1987, No. 341, §1.  

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