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      RS 40:436     


§436.  Development

A.  A local housing authority may plan, prepare, carry out, develop, construct, acquire, improve, reconstruct, renovate, rehabilitate, enlarge, reduce, alter, manage, own, lease, and operate housing, housing projects or developments, or any portions of housing projects or developments, and nonresidential and mixed-use facilities.

B.  As used in this Section, the terms "development" or "housing development" shall include without limitation:

(1)  Any and all site work, construction, and improvements and other work or responsibility undertaken by a local housing authority, any affiliate thereof, or any other person or entity, whether public or private, in cooperation or pursuant to agreement with such local housing authority to either:

(a)  Carry out the activities described in this Section.

(b)  Demolish, clear, or remove buildings and other improvements from land situated in blighted areas or slums.

(c)  Create, provide, and finance affordable, decent, safe, and sanitary living accommodations and other facilities and improvements described in this Section, and otherwise authorized in this Chapter.

(2)  All facilities and improvements created by the work or undertakings described in this Section, including, without limitation:

(a)  All living accommodations operated primarily for residential purposes.

(b)  The buildings containing such living accommodations and all appurtenances thereto.

(c)  Partially or wholly manufactured housing, mobile homes, modular structures, the sites upon which they are situated, and all utilities, streets and roads, and other improvements and appurtenances relating thereto.

(d)  All land, leasehold rights, easements and licenses, and other rights to the use or occupancy of the land upon which the improvements of a development are situated.

(e)  All common areas, roads, streets, sidewalks, and pedestrian ways, bicycle routes and paths, drainage facilities, parking facilities, street lighting and lighting of buildings and pedestrian ways landscaping, site improvements, and other improvements to land.

(f)  All facilities and improvements for the supply of utilities and services, including electrical, gas, sewer, water, telephone, and other communications systems, television or other electronic reception or transmission, Internet and other computer networking services, waste collection and disposal, and all other utilities and services.

(g)  Playgrounds, parks, and other facilities intended for sports or recreational purposes benefitting residents.

(h)  All facilities and improvements used in providing security to residents and employees of an authority and the property of both.

(i)  All community facilities and other facilities and improvements used for providing educational, vocational, or other training programs, supportive services to residents, or for other programs and activities to carry out the purposes of this Chapter.

(j)  All facilities and improvements used for commercial or other nonresidential purposes as permitted by this Chapter.

(k)  All fixtures and equipment and personal property incorporated, owned, or used in connection with any development as elsewhere defined in this Chapter.

(l)  All other real property, tangible and intangible property, and other assets owned, used or held in connection with any development.

(3)  The planning, replanning, and design of any residential or nonresidential project or development, the obtaining of permits and approvals necessary therefor, and all architectural and engineering work, surveying, platting, dedication, and all other activities requisite to construction of any buildings, facilities or improvements, property acquisition, demolition, construction, alteration, repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of existing buildings, facilities or improvements, and activities, and work undertaken in connection therewith.

(4)  All agreements, contracts, leases, and other legal means through which the right to use or operate any property that is otherwise defined as a development is acquired, held, or used.

C.  A local authority's developments may, as permitted under and subject to the limitations imposed by R.S. 40:482 through 489, include both:

(1)  Dwelling units or other living accommodations occupied by persons and families other than persons of eligible income.

(2) Buildings, facilities, or improvements used for nonresidential purposes and mixed-use projects.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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