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      RS 40:439     


§439.  Rental of housing and other property

Subject only to the limitations contained in R.S. 40:482 through 489, a local housing authority may:

(1)  Lease or rent any dwellings, facilities, or other real or personal property owned, controlled, or possessed by the authority, or with respect to which the authority has contractual rights permitting such lease or rental, for such terms, upon such conditions and lease terms and in exchange for such rentals as the authority may from time to time in its discretion determine.

(2)  Establish rents in such manner and in such amounts as the authority may deem appropriate, including but not limited to rents based upon family income, determined with such adjustments and exclusions as the authority deems appropriate, minimum rents, flat rents, graduated rents, rent ranges, and maximum rents, any of which may vary among the authority's developments.

(3)  Establish any other standards and conditions relating to rentals that the authority may deem appropriate.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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