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      RS 40:449     


§449.  Rental and relocation assistance

A local housing authority may administer rental and relocation assistance programs of every kind and description on its own behalf or for others within its area of operation and, to the extent such authority has determined such administration to be feasible, in any area elsewhere in this state with respect to which a local housing authority has not been established, or with the consent of any local housing authority established to serve the area in which such assistance would be administered, and, in connection with the administration of such assistance, may make payments relating to relocations and rent subsidy payments to persons of eligible income or to others, including landlords, on behalf of persons of eligible income.  Rental assistance programs administered by a local housing authority may be tenant-based, in which event the assistance is provided to or for the benefit of the tenant, or development-based, in which event the assistance is connected to particular real property.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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