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      RS 40:453     


§453.  Local, state, or federal assistance

A.  A local housing authority may:

(1)  Borrow money or accept grants and other forms of assistance, financial and otherwise, from the local, state, or federal government in connection with any activity or program furthering the purposes of this Chapter, notwithstanding any limitation to the contrary contained in this Chapter.

(2)  Take all actions necessary to agree to and fully comply with all requirements and conditions of any state or federal program, grant, loan, or program providing services or assistance to the authority, its programs, its properties and housing developments, and the residents of such housing developments.

(3)  Perform all responsibilities and obligations of the authority under any contract or agreement with state or federal authorities and imposed by applicable state or federal law and regulation with respect to such state or federal assistance.

B.  Without limiting the foregoing, a housing authority may:

(1)  Take over or lease or manage any development or undertaking constructed or owned by the state, or any public agency thereof, or the federal government.

(2)  Participate in any plan or program of the state, any public agency thereof, or the federal government which provides revenues that may be used for carrying out the purposes of this Chapter, including without limitation any program involving the issuance of bonds, special fees or taxes, or tax credits.

(3)  Operate and administer any program providing rental assistance for itself or on behalf of others.

(4)  Comply with such conditions and enter into such mortgages, trust indentures, leases, agreements, or arrangements as may be necessary, convenient or desirable for the purposes of this Subsection.

C.  It is the purpose and intent of this Chapter to authorize every housing authority to do all things necessary or desirable to secure the financial aid or cooperation of the state and federal governments and their public agencies in the development, maintenance, operation, or disposition of any housing development or other activity undertaken by such housing authority to carry out the purposes of this Chapter.

Amended by Acts 1950, No. 401, §9; Acts 1960, No. 278, §4; Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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