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      RS 40:457     


§457.  Resident organizations

A local housing authority may:

(1)  Assist in the formation and operation of resident organizations, including residential councils, resident management corporations, and other nonprofit entities controlled and operated by residents of the authority's developments.

(2)  Lend monies to such resident organizations in such amounts and upon such terms and conditions as the authority deems appropriate.

(3)  Enter into and perform contracts, agreements and arrangements with resident organizations for the management of housing developments and other facilities and properties and for the administration of programs, assistance, or services, and for other activities, all with respect to such matters and upon such terms and conditions as the authority may from time to time deem appropriate.

(4)  Enter into partnerships, joint ventures, associations, or other arrangements with resident organizations in furtherance of the purposes of this Chapter.  Such activities may include the formation and operation of business enterprises that provide employment and other benefits to residents of the authority's housing developments and others as elsewhere permitted under this Chapter.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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