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      RS 40:473     


§473.  Short-term bond anticipation notes

A.  A housing authority may borrow money for the purposes for which its bonds are to be issued in anticipation of the receipt of proceeds from the sale of such bonds and within the authorized maximum of such bond issue.

B.  Bond anticipation notes shall be issued for all monies borrowed under this Section.  Such notes may be issued for a period not exceeding five years and may be renewed from time to time for periods not exceeding one year, but each such note, including renewals, shall mature and be paid not later than five years after the date on which the original note was issued.  Such notes shall be authorized by resolution of the board of commissioners of the housing authority and shall be in such denomination or denominations, shall bear interest at such rate or rates, shall be in such form, and shall be executed in such manner, as said board of commissioners shall prescribe.  Such notes may be sold at public or private sale in the manner and at such price or prices or for such other consideration, including real or personal property, as the authority shall determine, provided that if such notes be renewal notes, they may be exchanged for notes then outstanding on such terms as the authority shall determine.

Amended by Acts 1950, No. 401, §17; Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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